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living in mexico
© 2003 Greg Bartlett/ASCAP

Green lights take me away
Get me out of this town
Red lights holding me back
Make me look like a clown
Headlights show me the way
While I warm up the engine
I’m gonna kick this thing in gear
When the sun comes down

Flashlights in the dark
It’s my turn to deal
Brake lights up ahead
Make me lock up the wheels
Streetlights back home
I’ll never miss them
Regret’s not strong
Compared to what I feel

Can’t take a job ‘cause it makes me angry
The people all around me seem to hate me
Thought I’d cruise down the road but now I’m stuck
Behind a U-Haul trailer on a pickup truck

I’ve got 2 cold chicken wings from KFC
That I found somewhere on the skirts of Moline
2,000 miles, living in Mexico

Moonlight out on the road
Helps to keep things clear
Bright lights up the way
Paralyze me with fear
Star light twinkling down, down
This road’s whispering
Sweet things in my ear

Can’t think of Eve ‘cause it makes me cry
To think, for what I did she’d let me fry
I better move down the road, screw my head
Back on my neck before I end up dead

I’ve got 2 cold sandwiches from Dairy Queen
That I found somewhere outside of New Orleans
600 miles, living in Mexico

Don’t mind the bruises, the cuts and scrapes
The 7 speeding tickets in as many states
But I draw the line at the pearly gates
I won’t be the kind of guy who hesitates

I’ve got 2 cold filet-o-fish from Burger King
That I found somewhere near the border crossing
If I get down this hill, I’ll be living in Mexico

With ice cold Tecate running through my veins
The sun beating down on these concrete lanes
I’ll wake up each day, living in Mexico

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