I have been writing a lot of new songs this past year, and hope to be out playing again soon. My last CD continues to get a little attention, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the great musicians that played on it (Sheldon Radford, Rebecca Young, Branden Harper, Alan Newman), and a great engineer & coproducer (Sheldon).


I need a manager. I am passionate about my writing and performing, and I wish I could be playing out every night of the week. I'm not that into self-marketing, though. I could really use the help of a competent manager. I want to do what I do best, and I don't mind sharing whatever income comes my way.


I need a drummer. Branden escaped to Los Angeles. If you like my music, let me know and we'll get together to play. I'm serious about playing out as much as possible, and I'm interested in touring. I'd love to find a drummer who understands that less can be more.

I need a guitarist. Sheldon moved off to San Francisco to work with Digidesign, trying to make an honest living. I need an electric guitarist who likes my music, has a decent haircut & great chops, and knows how to play with a good rhythm section. If this is you, let me know and we'll get together.


Over the years, Rye played a few shows at Steel Sky & Cafe Paloma in Seattle, and I'm really looking forward to some new shows soon.

Watch a GregTV clip of Rye live:

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