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Living In Mexico
Greg Bartlett

This is the latest 12-song album, featuring Sheldon Radford (guitars), Rebecca Young (bass), and Branden Harper (drums). The song list includes Crying Alone, I'm From Texas, Advice From A Child, Living In Mexico, Writing On The Wall, Over Me, Complicate Your Life, Only Lonely People, The Thrill, Scissors To Stone, Seagulls In The Sky, and Backseat Of My Car. It was recorded, engineered, and coproduced by Sheldon Radford. listen

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Rye Thing In Ecstasy
Greg Bartlett & Rye

This is the 6-song EP that started things for me in 2002. The album features Sheldon Radford (guitars), Rebecca Young (bass), and Christian Heilman (drums). It has the original versions of Living In Mexico and Seagulls In The Sky, as well as The Feeling, The One, Walls Of Tangerine (one of my personal favorites), and Touch Me. listen

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