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over me
© 2003 Greg Bartlett/ASCAP

Where am I now?
I hear the song of angels
You wrap your arms all over me

There’s pain on these walls
Fire in these mountains
Tears falling down all over me

You tell me how you need me
That you won’t walk away
Never leaving or retreating
Only that you’ll stay

It’s you who heals my heart
Speak to me softly
You hold your love over me

Keep me and feed me
So I won’t float away
The danger of strangers watching what we say

Hoping that in between
There stands a bridge that won’t fall down
Stronger than freedom
How it pulls me back for more
Can’t you hear me cry for more?

When the moon arrives
Your love is the ocean
You move your tides all over me

Blue skies and true eyes
Will help us on our way
When we become the same as yesterday

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